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Indian Fashion Industry is an amalgamation of heterogeneous attributes in terms of garments, textiles and designs. MOHARANI has been continually evolving and presented unimaginable variations in trends if we look over the timeline. 

Many of the traditional garments of India have a long and illustrious history, but none is as glorious and enamouring as the saree. It has a watershed history, which has invariably been a central part of Indian fashion. Today Designer Handloom saree is one such outfit that can be worn for a host of occasions such as weddings, parties, engagement ceremonies, receptions and of course festive events.

Since ancient times, the application of the artistic pattern in the art of needlework and hand looma has been practised yet the awareness and knowledge of the domain were negligible. It was restricted to inferior regions of Indian states. The formation of this domain of art involves the usage of recycling worn-out materials such as sarees, blouses kurties them and preparing an embroidery quilt- it is merged with Kantha i.e. the fabric, thus a dress material is prepared.

MOHARANI offers a range of exquisitely designed authentic hand-loom and handcrafted products created by the unparalleled craftsmanship of artisans from rural India.

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